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Tech Talk

Technology is an important part of learning at Prince of Peace. Students are encouraged to use the tools available to them including desktops, laptops, chromebooks, and iPads to solve problems and create original works. As educators, our teachers know the importance of helping students gain a working knowledge of technology and learn to balance time on technology with the important interpersonal skills every child needs. By partnering with faculty at every grade level and parents, our students learn to be digital citizens both at school and at home.

Take a look at some of the interesting projects students have created using technology at school.

Pre-Engineering Elective: Student build VEX Robots while developing "soft skills" as communication is the key to each team's success.

Middle School Coding Projects

Students in the Coding Elective in middle school learn the basics of creating objects and animation on sites like Khan Academy and using the java programming language. Each student drew a picture and recreated it using code. Some students added animation.  Take a look at their projects below.

Flying Balloons by a 6th grade girl

Cheetah creation by a 6th grade girl

Fish Tank by 6th grade boy

Ambulance by 7th grade boy

A cat by a 6th grade boy

Coding city by a 6th grade boy

Congratulations POP Robotics Team!

Middle school students participated in the 2017 BEST Robotics Competition held at Shelton State Community College in October. The experience is amazing! Students work together to design a robot using provided materials, controled by VEX robotics mechanics. The team creates the design and computer code instructions that bring the robot to life. In the competition the robot must complete a series of tasks in under three minutes.

Additionally, the team must create an oral presentation, engineering notebook, and marketing booth to compete for the BEST Award. The team had tough competitors this year among the five middle schools and 14 high schools included in the contest. Although the POPRobotics Team didn't win the big prize like they did last year (a trip to the finals at Auburn University), they came home with a first place showing for their website, and third place for the most robust robot in the competition. Congratulation to the students for a job well done!

See them in action at POP Robotics.


Many of our school programs have grown thanks to the suggestions and contributes of parents and community members. If you would like to contribute ideas, resources, and especially time to our technology program, please contact the Gail Stromeyer at

Visit the link(s) below

Robotics Team Website