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Student Leadership

Leadership is a skill our students are accustomed to learning. Like math and reading, leading is an important tool they can not be without. Throughout the curriculum, in our religious education program, and our sports and extracurricular activities, students gradually take on responsibilities that help them gain confidence.

As they reach upper elementary school, students typically volunteer for posts in safety patrol, liturgical reader, ushers, and as altar servers during Mass, just to name a few. Being an active part of school activities and taking on leading roles helps new students quickly find a place to fit in and allows them to share their talents freely with their peers.

The middle school years are a time of growth and maturity for our students with leadership opportunities available to varying degrees.  Students hone their leadership skills in the classroom through Socratic Seminars, group projects, science lab experiments, and poetry recitations.  Outside of the traditional classroom, students have the opportunity to become leaders of their respective Houses, participate in the weekly liturgy, and enroll in academic electives that highlight leadership:  Debate, Yearbook, S.T.E.M., Teachers in Training, Band, and Musical Theater.   Additionally, students are eligible in their seventh grade year to apply for membership in the National Junior Honor Society, where members are asked to serve as representatives of Prince of Peace for various events.  Student leadership is a significant part of the Prince of Peace student culture.