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Life in Elementary School

Life in Elementary School is about adventure. Students begin to build their knowledge through learning how to think about their world. They investigate nature, science, technology, and so much more as they develop an understanding of the richness of our faith.

Elementary students become stewards by caring for our gardens, classroom pets, and by sharing their kindness with each other. They are generous in spirit which shows through their weekly efforts to collect food and goods for the needy throughout the year. 

Beginning in preschool and continuing through fifth grade, students learn 21st century skills in STEM and Technology "specials" classes. Following the International Society for Technology in Education standards for technology use and the Next Generation Science Standards engineering practices, these classes give opportunities for hands-on problem solving and building projects designed around grade-level books and stories. Outside of the STEM Lab, teachers in the elementary grades incorporate collaborative group work using a variety of building materials and challenges within their grade-level curriculum. Throughout our elementary school students are encouraged to be creative and innovative thinkers, all while having fun and working together to discover the unique talents God has given them.

Elementary school is also a time to discover talents, celebrate strengths, and strengthen skills that make children confident throughout their lives. This foundation will live in them forever and is the inner strength that enables them to overcome obstacles as they grow up.

We are delighted year after year to see the growth of our students as they progress academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.