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Tech Talk

Technology is an important part of learning at Prince of Peace. Students are encouraged to use the tools available to them in our computer labs, laptops, chromebooks, and iPad to solve problems and create original works. Take a look at some of the interesting projects students have created using technology at school.

Middle School Coding Projects

Students in the Coding Elective in middle school learn the basics of creating objects and animation on sites like Khan Academy and using the java programming language. Each student drew a picture and recreated it using code. Some students added animation.  Take a look at their projects below.

Flying Balloons by a 6th grade girl

Cheetah creation by a 6th grade girl

Fish Tank by 6th grade boy

Ambulance by 7th grade boy

A cat by a 6th grade boy

Coding city by a 6th grade boy

Congratulations POP Robotics Team!

Middle school students participated in the 2016 BEST Robotics Competition held at Shelton State Community College in October and won third place in the presegious BEST AWARD, along with several other contest categories. The win secured their first trip ever to the regional finals at Auburn University in December. The team competed against 59 teams from five states. Students came away with an amazing experience after finishing in the middle of the pack against mostly high school teams. Congratulations!

See them in action at POP Robotics.

Future Trends

Google for Education
Schools across the country recognize the challenge of maintaining the infrastructure and devices that add to teaching in the modern classroom. More schools are choosing to use Google for Education tools and other online learning platforms to help defray the cost of keeping up with new technology. During 2013 Prince of Peace began using Google and have found great success in its convenience and easy to use layout, making it a one-stop shop for teachers and students.
School Filter Gets Even Better
Our school content filter is one of the most robust filters in the educational industry. It is designed to be customizable and offers many other advantages for schools with lean technology departments. Recently, a Campus Library was added which provides a safe mechanism for teachers to share classroom content such as You Tube videos with students without concern that other, less appropriate content could be laying wait on the side bars. The new interface also allows teachers to post school made videos where they remain unavailable for public view. Teachers can now post classroom productions, photos, and pictures of student work safely.
BYOD to POP ??
Remaining ahead of the changes in technology at requires taking the plunge into BYOD (bring your own device) to school. Although the idea seems very possible, Prince of Peace faculty and administrators are entering the discussion with genuine interest and reasonable concern. Teachers will have to determine the value BYOD has in the classroom, versus the distractions they may cause, and administrators need to consider what changes would have to be made to manage such an environment.  Schools are tending toward this model and Prince of Peace will be watching and learning "best practices" in the event it is a good fit for our future.

Take a look at the plans we have for technology at POP. If you would like to contribute ideas, resources, and especially time to our technology program, please contact the Director of Technology, Judy Cornelius at

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